Hi, I'm Nicola

My intention is for you to find your authentic Self,
your joy and passion for life through the
healing practices of Yoga.

Do you ever have the feeling that life is what’s happening for other people? That true happiness is forever out of your reach?


Our world is changing so fast it feels like shifting sand beneath our feet.  Your life might feel like a rollercoaster of constant doing, always rushing to the next thing and never noticing that life is happening here and now.  Looking around it's as though there must be a secret doorway into the garden of abundant life, if you could only just find the key! 


Maybe on some level you hold a belief that a life filled with joy isn’t meant for you and you will be forever mired in what feels like a half existence, never reaching that glorious potential you dreamed of as a child, all the while watching others live wild and abundant lives.


Perhaps you are experiencing deep mind and body fatigue, disconnected to the world, unable to really enjoy anything, whilst your relationships are unfulfilling or worse making you unhappy.  You may feel as though nothing good will ever happen for you, that you're not deserving of love or kindness.


I have been where you are.  I lost sight of myself for many years until there was a reckoning of sorts, a moment in the depths where I had to look around me at the destruction in my life and face the truth of my Self.  When all within and without me felt abandoned, painful and neglected, I found tools to help me grow again. 


The most ancient paths of wisdom give us safety and guidance and Yoga can hold you steady on the path back to your Self.  Yoga carried me onwards to my life now - filled with clarity, purpose, love and joy; a life better than I had ever dared to dream was possible.  


In the end, we all desire acceptance, connection and love.  We want desperately to be seen, heard and valued.  We realise eventually that we have to know and accept our Self first.


If anything here resonated, then we have found each other in the dimension where you grow your wings again.  Change IS possible, because change is life's constant.

 To take the first step towards becoming the highest version of you, search below for the hidden key to 'Becoming'.