Yoga makes me feel calm and at ease. Whatever type of day I have had I can rely on a bit of yoga to let me have a moment of stillness, a moment to look back at the day and appreciate every minute of it. In contrast, it helps me look to the future and set goals and intentions. Yoga helps me clear my mind of the stress and worry that everyday life brings. Having a yoga teacher that is committed to making sure that everyone benefits from the yoga session and who realises that everyone is different has helped me along my journey into yoga. I am very grateful to be able to experience this journey with amazing people around me.

Thank you for everything you have done for me Nicola, I truly am grateful.

Lots of love, Ex

"This is the most peaceful and relaxing hour of the week. An opportunity to still your mind and feel good about your body. There is no judgement on ability - every position and stretch is suitable for all. I never want the class to come to an end and I float home afterwards"

Nicola's Sunday yoga class is the perfect way to end my weekend before the start of a busy week ahead.It's an hour of calm to completely relax and unwind, free of any distractions.
Her teaching technique is really easy to follow and she makes everyone in the class feel totally at ease from the start with her warm welcoming manner.
I'm also able to use the techniques taught in class at home during the busy week.
I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting time out from their busy life to relax and recharge!

Nicola, firstly I want to say thank you again for offering your time on a Sunday morning to do this for the community.  The class for me offers an hour of peace & calm outside of my normal busy life. It is a relaxing class using stretches & breathing with no complicated poses or balances.  It is great for those who haven’t tried yoga before and I would highly recommend it.  

Nicola, I did have a little hesitation to join the session only because I did not have much of Yoga experience.

Although I have heard the word "Yin Yoga" before but I didn't know anything about it. Since I started joining the session,  not only it gives my body a real good stretching exercise but also it gives me a real calm mind break that I don't get in everyday life. After the session I do feel my mind get refreshed and some uplifting feeling inside me. My kids loves to know what kind of pose I did in the session and we try to do some together at home, they enjoy it too.  I really appreciate that you giving us such a good opportunity, one hour of your session really do good for my body and my mind.

I joined Nicola's Yin Yoga class last Sunday for the first time and it was a very nice experience! It's a full hour of relaxing music and stretching moves that really helped me to switch off from a busy week. The moves are really easy and I'm sure everyone will be able to do them.

Nicola is a very patient teacher and as I could see she will help you and show you any position

you don't understand.  This lesson helped me to end my day in a very relaxed mood.


I've done yoga classes before but never really enjoyed them or felt challenged. Nicola's classes are a good workout and a challenge, but yet she never makes you feel bad if you can't do the poses. She is very encouraging and supportive to help you achieve whatever your body is capable of.  She's a lovely, supportive teacher and her classes are always very enjoyable. She helps me find calm and peace in an otherwise hectic life.  As an aside...humans don't often get the chance to be kind and tell each other the impact we have on each other's lives. I found you at a difficult point in my life and, even though I have only known you a short time, the peace I have found when I come to one of your classes has made a huge difference to me, for which I am truly thankful. Thank you so much.

All the best,

S x


From a student applying for her first 200HR YTT

Studio: Tell us about your favourite yoga teacher and why you admire them?

Student: Nicola will always be my first and favourite teacher. The last few years have been a

journey of self-discovery for me and she has played a huge part in that. She is approachable, open hearted but most of all she is fun and loves to laugh. I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously! I was talking to a friend recently about yoga and she said, “show up, try, fall, laugh, repeat” and this is exactly how I feel about Nicola’s lessons.  She is a gifted teacher who is very intuitive and is able to read the mood in the room in order to choose the best teaching style you need to nourish your soul.

She has trained in many different yoga styles which allows her to be flexible and adapt to your needs whether it be a fast-paced Rocket practice or a slow Yin.  You will always feel safe but challenged in Nicola’s classes. She is genuine and honest and speaks from the heart. With her continued support and guidance, she has shown me how to look deep inside myself  and given me the confidence to reveal what is within.

I am beyond grateful to have met her and feel honoured to have been taught by her.

Shanna x


A brilliant yoga practice, offering highly personal and tailored sessions to fit all needs and body types. Nicola offers excellent guidance to your yoga practice. Each session is a new journey, Nicola keeps you focused on your intentions and self achievement.

Love always EG xx


Nicola is THE BEST yoga teacher. She makes the seemingly impossible possible and is constantly encouraging and giving me confidence to develop my yoga practice. From a nervous yoga newbie she quickly turned me into a fan who looks forward to rolling my mat out as often as possible.

Yoga makes me feel stronger in both body and mind

Thank you Nicola.  Xxxx


Having heard so many people wang on for years about how amazing yoga is for you in so many ways, i knew I had to tick it off my bucket list and give it a go. I'm so glad I have too because I think I'm a little bit addicted now - it's the awesome combination of inner power and peace it gives you, whilst having a bloody good work out too.  Several friends said you need to find the right teacher too- someone you feel comfortable with. Nicola is genuine, smiley, approachable; she may be a yoga goddess but you know she's human too.

Love, C